Hostel FAQ

Uncle Johnny's Nolichucky Hostel

Established by John and Charlotte Shores in 1998. We provide a large range of accommodations, extensive shuttle service, hot showers, and secure (monitored) parking 68' from the Appalachian trail, in Erwin, Tennessee.

  Hostel   FAQ

  1. What Is A Hostel?
    They are an inexpensive form of accommodation. For travelers, who would rather spend more on the exploring an area then on accommodations and there also an opportunity to meet new people within a casual and friendly environment.
  2. What do hosteller's look like?
    Hosteller's looks like you and everyone you have ever meet. They can be of every race, size, religion, or personality.
  3. Is membership required? No. Some hostels do require membership
  4. What does a hostel look like?
    There is no one way of which to describe a typical hostel. Their size and shape varies, as do their locations, and methods of getting to them. You could be required to climb a step mountain to get to your hostel or stay in an ancient castle or in a campsite in a national park. Some hostels are fairly quiet, and peaceful, while others are a fun and lively atmosphere.
  5. What is a typical bunkhouse like?
    There is no way to describe what a typical bunk house should look like, as they will differ with each and every hostel you will stay in. Our bunkhouse is a rustic 9 bunk comfortable room with television and VHS movie player and Internet access computer.
  6. Are hostels clean?
    Yes. Cleaning is an ongoing process with so many people traveling through, it just takes a few moments to clean up after yourself and make sure your general facilities are in order.
  7. Is there storage for personal Belongings?
    The majority of hostels provide a secure place to store your valuables, and documents. Storage is normally available to leave your luggage if you arrive early or are departing late. The receptionist of the hostel where you are staying will have the information you need.
  8. Are there curfews?
    No. Some hostels enforce a curfew. This means guests are expected to return to the hostel or not be allowed in until the office opens the next day. Others enforce a policy regarding when you have to go to your dorm or room. This is something you should review about any potential hostels you will be staying at. We impose no curfew.
  9. Are reservations necessary to stay at a hostel?
    You should always book a room at a hostel prior to checking in. This will guarantee that a bed will be waiting for at your destination. If for some reason or another you cannot make a reservation online, you may want to call the hostel and let them know you would like a room. ( 423-735-0548 )
  10. Hostelling?
    This is popularly known as backpacking worldwide. Both hostellers and backpackers are one in the same. They tend to stay away from home for prolonged periods of time rather than brief periods. Also they may see more and do more different things that other travelers would not dream of doing while on vacation. In some countries, it's normal for the youth to take an extended trip abroad. During their adventure one will find that their perspective will differ quite a bit from a regular tourist.
  11. Are there age restrictions?
    Prior to making a booking at our hostel, check to view there policies about any policies they have about age.
  12. Necessary Documentation.
    You will be asked to show proper identification.
  13. Who came up with the idea for hostels?
    Hostelling began in Germany in 1907 by a man named Richard Schirmer he started it as a way to travel with his students and to explore and show them there local surroundings. From there hostelling has spread around the world.
  14. Are all the guests loud and inconsiderate?
    Hostels provide a space to sleep for many people. Try to be respectful of people while they are sleeping and most will show you the same respect in return.
  15. Hostel Rules and Regulations.
    The golden rule is that you must be considerate. Hostels encourage their guests to clean up after you cook or eat. The rules will normally be listed somewhere near the office. Just look around if you feel you need to know.
  16. Lockout time?
    We have no lockout time
  17. What do I need to bring with me, while hostelling?
    Upon checking in you will need to show a valid identification or passport so make sure your personal documents are handy. Some Hostels provide certain everyday living items but better be safe then sorry. We recommend that you bring the following items, food if you plan on eating, personal hygiene products, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and last but not least a good attitude. Please call the us and ask what will be provided in order to get a better understanding of what you will need.
  18. Are linens provided
    We provide clean linens and blankets for our cabins at no extra charge. You may use your sleeping bag in the bunkhouse or for a certain price,linens are available
  19. What kind of rooms is there?
    There are private rooms that have one or two beds that accommodate one or two persons each. The bunkhouse provides 9 beds
  20. What type of experiences will I have at a hostel?
    Meet new people from around the world. Hike the Appalachian Trail. Raft on the Nolichucky river. Fishing,bicycling and so many more things
  21. Does the cost of staying at a hostel vary from city to city?
    Yes, the size, location, facilities, and dorm size will all affect the price...
  22. Does your hostel discourage alcoholic beverages on the property?
    Typically as long as you are of legal drinking age and are not being a disturbance to other guests you are allowed you to drink.